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8 Port 10/100/1000 Mbps Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Switch


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  • Model: BH-NET-01

8 Port 10/100/1000 Mbps Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Switch

The 8-port Gigabit Ethernet Switch is a professional networking switch that is capable of working within the fastest network systems. The switch conforms to the IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u, and IEEE820.3ab standards, allowing it to work with 10, 100, and 1000 Mbps networking products. The 8-port design is perfect for use as a terminal switch for a small workgroup or as an intermediate switch to support a small workgroup with a throughput connection to additional switches or hubs.

This small footprint device includes eight RJ-45 LAN jacks on the back and eight corresponding green/orange link/activity status LEDS on the front panel. The LINK/ACT LEDs will glow or blink orange when a 10 or 100 Mbps connection is detected or active, and they will glow/blink green when a 1000 Mbps connection is detected/active. The switch is powered by an included AC adapter and a green LED on the front panel indicates when power is applied.

Installation is as simple as plugging the unit into the power adapter and inserting cables into the ports on the back. When using 10BASE-T connections, Cat3 UTP cable is sufficient and when using 100BASE-TX connections Cat5 UTP or STP cable is acceptable. However, when using 1000BASE-T connections, Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6 UTP or STP cable is preferred, with Cat6 STP providing the highest level of reliability and signal integrity.

The switch automatically detects the use of straight (MDI) or crossover (MDIX) cables and switches the connection to whichever is needed for the connected device. Therefore any of the eight ports can be connected to the upstream hub or router and the others connected to downstream PCs, hubs, or other switches.

This switch has an integrated 8K MAC address table and supports MAC address auto-learning and auto-aging. It supports NWAY auto-negotiation and provides an ultra-fast 16 Gbps backplane bandwidth with non-blocking line speed forwarding.

This switch incorporates several "green" functions, which help save power and save you money! The switch monitors the connectivity of each port and does not send power or signals down the ones that are unconnected (or which have powered off devices attached). It also monitors the length of each cable and reduces the power to shorter cables, while keeping the higher power applied to the longer cable runs. Finally, the switch will go into sleep/standby mode when it detects no connected or powered-on devices. All these measures add up to reduced energy consumption and costs, which means more "green" in your pocket!

With all speeds, connections, and functions automatically configured and supported, there is no manual configuration or setup required. Simply plug it in and start using it right away!


  • Complies with IEEE802.3, IEEE802.3u and IEEE802.3ab Ethernet standards
  • Supports Auto MDI/MDIX on each port
  • Supports NWAY Auto-Negotiation function
  • Provides eight 10/100/1000 Mbps Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports
  • Supports IEEE802.3x flow control for full-duplex and Backpressure flow control for half-duplex
  • Provides up to 16 Gbps backplane bandwidth and non-blocking line speed forwarding
  • Supports store-and-forward switching method
  • Provides MAC address self-learning/auto-aging and 8K MAC address entries
  • Green Ethernet technology, saves power and cost
  • Data Storm Protection automatically prevents network lockdown from both inadvertent and intentional broadcast storms, including DNOS attacks


8 Port 10/100/1000 Mbps Desktop Gigabit Ethernet Switch
Supported Standards IEEE802.3 10BASE-T Ethernet, IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet, IEEE802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet
Protocol CSMA/CD
Topological Structure Star
Network Cable Required 10BASE-T: UTP Cat3 or better; 100BASE-TX UTP/STP Cat5 or better; 1000BASE-T: UTP/STP Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6
Number of Ports 8
Transfer Mode Store and forward
MAC Address Table 8K
Packet Filtering/Forwarding Rate Ethernet: 14880 pps (10Mbps) per port; Fast Ethernet: 148800 pps (100 Mbps) per port; Gigabit Ethernet: 1488000 pps (1000 Mbps)
MAC Address Learning Self-learning and auto-aging
MDI/MDIX Selection Automatic
Operating Temperature 0 to 40 C
Storage Temperature -40 to 70 C
Operating Humidity 10-90%, no condensing
Storage Humidity 5-90%, no condensing
AC Adapter Input Power 100-240 VAC, 50/60Hz, 0.3A
Switch Input Power 9 VDC, 600 mA
Power Consumption 4.5 watts
Dimensions 6 13/16" wide by 4 11/32" deep by 1 1/4" high

Included in the Box:

  • 1x 8-port desktop gigabit ethernet switch
  • 1x 9V AC adapter with 72" cord
  • 1x User guide